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The latest 8.2 content update for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has finally arrived! It included a full new raid experience titled The Eternal Palace, the sacred ground of naga! As always, the BoostBay marketplace welcomes you to buy Azshara’s Eternal Palace Mythic sellrun boosting to obtain the latest time-limited Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements as well as get fantastic item level 445+ loot!

All listed sellers are carefully handpicked by our complex verification system to ensure that your purchase of The Eternal Palace Mythic lootrun proceeds as safe and convenient as possible. Account sharing is obligatory for this service due to a high difficulty setting. In case of any rare problem, our Support Team will fix any issue that may arise in the most fastest and efficient way possible.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth content update introduced a massive amount of content to the game including Mechagon Megadungeon, two areas to explore and of course long-awaited raid called The Eternal Palace. With these newest additions, BoostBay store proudly presents to you our latest boosting service: The Eternal Palace Mythic loot run! Participate in the most epic raid encounters WoW has to offer! You will also obtain the latest cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve achievements as well as item level 445+ loot at a reasonable cost.

8.2 raid places you in the former Night Elven kingdom, that has arisen from the depths and is now occupied with atrocious Naga and ruled by the fabled Queen of the Night Elves herself. Alliance and Horde are lured into a trap: the Queen managed to use Tidestone of Golganneth to open wide the ocean waters and rise a giant zone from the down under. The whole zone and loot are obviously Naga-themed with a tint of Old God corrupting touch to it as well. The time has come to finally drown yourself in a circle of stars!

If you wish to skip mundane and faulty progression of EP Mythic but at the same time reap all those juicy rewards today - this service is exactly what you would WTB. Most listed sellers provide EP Mythic VIP Runs for both EU and US regions. Though they are infrequent, in case of any problem that you may experience be sure to contact our BoostBay support team for a fast and efficient solution. We wholeheartedly thank you for choosing our BoostBay shop! Your continuous support is what helps us remain among the best WoW service providers on the market!

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