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EP Mythic Carry with us

Our shop is proud to provide you with WoW The Eternal Palace Mythic Boost run! Bring a definitive end to Queen Azshara’s supposedly “eternal” reign and become stronger with some of the best items to date! This is certainly one of the hardest raids in Battle for Azeroth thus far, so in order to make sure that your Mythic EP run goes without a hitch - we recommend you buy a carry crew from our sellers to boost you through!

Oppose N’Zoth and his minions, and make Azeroth safe again with some help from BoostBay! Available for both EU and US.

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The decision to buy a crew to carry you through Azshara’s Eternal Palace Mythic is your absolute best bet if you’re looking to score some of the most powerful mythic raid gear in BfA. It seems that Blizzard has gone a bit too far with their rediscovered fondness for items with procs, because a lot of loot here has got them, including weapons! And unlike Crucible of Storms - there’s no downside cost to them. The higher item level stuff you get - the stronger you become. And in case with Azshara’s Garments, especially Mythic ones, - everyone around you becomes stronger too! The fishing season is open, so you’d better sharpen-up your hooks.

Are you sure that the players around you are prepared for what’s the underwater abyss got in store for them? Our marketplace got sellers that certainly are. Remember, there’s only so much time you’ve got to get those prestigious “Ahead of the Curve” and “Cutting Edge” achievements from the Mythic mode of The Eternal Palace before the next patch would swoop them away like a sea tide. Oh and remember: mythic Azshara raid runs are not a leisure walk in the park. What we mean is that you should plan ahead. Because when you finally decide that this is something you WTB another customer might already snatch your team away.

This purchase gives you an opportunity to get loot of 445+ item level. As you know, personal loot might screw you up, so you better stack up on those re-roll tokens! Account sharing might be a mandatory requirement because of the raid difficulty. Be sure to book your run for The Eternal Palace today!

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