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EP HC LootRun with us

Are you absolutely sure that you want all the stuff you can get? Then have yourself a WoW The Eternal Palace Heroic lootrun from the BoostBay marketplace! Our sellers would not only crack the palace gates like an old clam for you but also stuff your bag with extra gear! If you want your item level to reach the skies as fast as possible - this is the way to do it.

Purchase your personal VIP Azshara’s Eternal Palace loot run and scoop the place clean of every valuable item! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Heroic gear from The Eternal Palace boasts some of the strongest procs and effects in World of Warcraft. It’s kinda funny how practically every boss there has got something like this, with Queen Azshara herself dropping a total of 8 such items, collectively known as “Azshara’s Garments”. By the loa, even King Rastakhan wasn’t that fancy! And we’re talking about a guy who had a living pile of treasure guarding… other piles of treasure. Oh and thankfully there’s no downside to that stuff. Just pure might with no extra cost. Apparently, the stuff from Crucible of Storms was a little gimmicky for your average player.

If you need any more reason as to why EP Heroic sellrun is cooler than your mundane boosting - it’s all the extra stuff that you get! Technically, this is just a fancier name for an EP Heroic loot run. Even if personal loot would screw you over - our sellers got your back. And in case you didn’t get the number of items you paid for - that means there’s another Heroic sellrun to The Eternal Palace in store for you! Why? Because we value each of our customers.

If you value your time and money - team up with one of our amazing veteran seller groups and pillage the place like a proper raider! No matter how long you would spam “WTB!” in the game chat - you won’t find any substitute for these powerful items on any WoW market.

Buying this run would vastly improve your prospects at obtaining 430+ item level gear compared to other available options, as well as granting you all the features of a proper boost run with a competent raid group. Due to the difficulty of the raid, account sharing might be mandatory request.

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