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EP Heroic Carry with us

Our store is ready to provide you with WoW The Eternal Palace Heroic boost run! Face off against octopus-worshipping snake people and their menagerie with our glorious boosters! Purchasing an EP Heroic boost run earns you not only some of the best loot currently in the game but also a time-limited “Ahead of the Curve” achievement.

Come down to see if it’s actually better down where it’s wetter! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available for both EU and US.

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The naga queen got a pretty palace and a hot crustacean band? Our boosters got another plan at hand. The plan is for you to buy a crew, to carry you through this Heroic Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid, and get rare achievements and loot! Woohoo! Sorry, it’s a bit tough not to joke about the little mermaid in these circumstances. Seriously, even the fate of Lady Ashvane looks like the deal with Ursula, but told backwards! What, you think it’s just us..?

Let’s talk shop. Heroic mode for The Eternal Palace is no joke. World of Warcraft has seen its fair share of mechanics, but the dev team still keeps impressing us with what they can come up with. Nevermind the fact that Radiance of Azshara is Wrath of Azshara on steroids.

This raid is still pretty cool. What isn’t is certainly the amount of time and frustration it would take for a normal group of players to overcome these challenges. Especially Orgozoa, otherwise known as “The Hatchery” and Za’qul, Herald of N’Zoth, whose fear mechanic puts even Zul to shame! Both of them can wreak havoc and require dedication and alertness from the raid group deciding to visit The Eternal Palace. Thankfully, a competent boosting team is something you can purchase right here on our market at a reasonable cost.

Buy EP Heroic boost run with a veteran carry crew from our sellers to earn gear of 430+ item level and a guaranteed “Ahead of the Curve” time-limited achievement! Keep in mind that account sharing might be a mandatory requirement because of the raid difficulty.

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