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Azshara Myth Carry with us

Our shop is happy to provide you with an opportunity to buy Queen Azshara Mythic Boost kill! Yup, a direct visit to her majesty herself without any of her goons in the way. Sure, she is no pushover herself, but when you order a carry crew to kill Mythic Queen Azshara - our sellers will not be found wanting.

BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service with some of the lowest cost on the market. Available for both EU and US.

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The Eternal Palace is a treacherous place. Getting through it takes time even for experienced raid groups. That’s not to say that the previous World of Warcraft raids were easy! By the Light, Battle of Dazar’alor was outright nasty at some points, not to mention the absolute chaos that is Crucible of the Storms, especially Uu’nat with his encounter mechanic!

So, why choose this option instead of regular boosting? Time and speed. Despite what she claims, Azshara won’t be sticking around and neither her “Cutting Edge” and “Ahead of the Curve” achievements. As soon as tides change - all of that would be gone, devaluing any future Mythic kill run for Queen Azshara.

This purchase gives you a chance at obtaining glorious 445+ item level mythic raid gear. Which is made even MORE precious this time with its unique mechanic, Storm of the Eternal. But, try to remember about personal loot and how it usually works it, just in case.

Unless you’re aimed toward progress, this is your best “WTB” option if rare mount and achievements are all that you’re concerned with. So waste no time! Grab yourself an experienced group from our store and storm the palace gates! Account sharing might be a mandatory requirement because of the raid difficulty.

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