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Azshara HC Carry with us

With the addition of new significant content update to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, numbered 8.2, lots of new features were introduced into the game. One of them was the reinvigoration of the Heart of Azeroth essences system, which is unlocked by participating in different endgame content. One of the essences is locked behind the kill of the last boss in The Eternal Palace, which is the legendary Empress of Nazjatar herself!

That is why BoostBay marketplace proudly introduces you an option to buy Queen Azshara Heroic Kill to the list of available services. You can purchase a carry crew in both EU and US regions. In most cases, account sharing is required. If you encounter any rare problem, please do not hesitate to contact BoostBay support team for a fast and efficient solution.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth received a new major content patch is literally loaded with tons of new features. One of the most prominent was the long-awaited Heart of Azeroth trait overhaul, which allows unlocking new essences gated behind different endgame content. One of those new powerful essences is locked behind Azshara Heroic Kill in newly introduced The Eternal Palace raid. To accomplish this in the most convenient way, BoostBay store has added Queen Azshara Heroic Carry Boost to the list of available purchases! You will be able to receive Latest Ahead of the Curve achievement, unlock Heart of Azeroth Essence and possible receive 430+ item level gear.

The new raid takes place in an ancient Nightelven City, specifically right in its heart, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, risen from the ocean depths and now filled with the forces of Naga and an Old God. Both Horde and Alliance are lured into Azshara’s vicious trap! But this also means that the champions of Azeroth finally have received an opportunity to put an end to this long-lasting threat once and for all! It is worth noting that one of the bosses is directly connected with N’Zoth further evolving the Old God plot with new enigmatic whispers leaving for the playerbase to decipher.

Depending on your overall gear quality and in some cases with newer players, carries for Queen Azshara will require account sharing from you to ensure the most efficient way of completing your order. Most of the listed sellers operate in both EU and US regions. You may also be interested in other BoostBay services such as EP Heroic Full Gear Boost and EP Mythic Full Gear Boost. In case you face any rare problem please do not hesitate to contact our BoostBay Support Team to receive the fastest and the most efficient solution. Thank you for choosing BoostBay shop WoW services, and we wish you Legendary accomplishments in the newest Azeroth adventures! It’s time to break the gates of The Eternal Palace!

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