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Looking for a way to distinguish yourself in a bright sea of transmogs? Then try our Glory of the Palace Raider boost service! The Azhari Bloatray mount is a fashionable and fierce companion that you can ride to reach the skies or sink to the depths of the deepest seas! And knowing what sort of tentacled horror dwells beneath - you’d better be sure you’ve got somebody like that to pull you back out!

Service available for both EU and US.

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Another raid, another Glory of the Raider achievement! And with yet another amazing mount! What? You say you already have a whole collection of flying rays from Outland and Argus? But this one is aquatic! By “aquatic” we mean that it can fly! Confused yet? We certainly are. At least it’s not a flying piggy-bank! And you won’t find it on any faction AH or market, or the in-game store! Your only way is storming The Eternal Palace.

Anyway, let’s talk shop! Meta achievements have been in World of Warcraft for a while now. If you’re an experienced player then you probably know that their usual cost is either wasting your precious raid time while you should progress or waiting for a couple of patches (or an expansion) to obtain them. And considering that some of them (Bloodgorged Crag) are less useful than others it should come as no surprise that one must think twice before wanting to waste their precious time and effort getting one. What we’re trying to say here, is that you should absolutely buy yourself a Glory of the Palace Raider carry group from our sellers if you want to add this fella to your collection.

In order to make sure that your newest catch would attract the eyes of fellow players and not make them avert noses because your trophy fish has started to smell, we recommend that you book your order as soon as possible! We’re talking Normal difficulty here, so you can bet that this service is going to get flooded with customers.

If you wish to get the most of our marketplace, then we recommend you purchase this option instead of a Normal boosting run. Indeed, this is your best WTB option if you want both to clear all the bosses for the first time and get a rare mount in the process! Account sharing is most certainly required by boost teams to execute achievement requirements.

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