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BoostBay Marketplace is happy to provide you with The Eternal Palace Full Mythic Gear Boost service for a reasonable cost! 8.2 content patch has arrived in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth introducing a whole lot of mechanics as well as full raid, known as The Eternal Palace.

You can buy Full Mythic EP BiS Gear 445+ item level from professional players carefully handpicked by our complex verification system. Most of the listed sellers provide an opportunity to buy services for both EU and US regions. Due to the high level of difficulty of this specific run, account sharing will be required in most cases. If you happen to encounter any problems, please contact BoostBay Support Team for a quick and efficient solution.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth received 8.2 update titled Rise of Azshara packed with loads of content including long-awaited naga-themed Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid. BoostBay Store is happy to provide the ability to buy The Eternal Palace Full Mythic Gear Boost. You will be able to get a full set of 445+ item level loot, which will remain relevant for your character for a very long period of time. All gear is procured through Personal Loot system, which mind sound weird, but our boosting teams have a means to it. Usually, they would stack same armor type characters to ensure maximum item output for each EP run in order to fill all gear slots of their customers in the fastest possible time possible. All carries use VPN to ensure the safety of your account as though you were playing the game yourself.

While participating in WoW The Eternal Palace Mythic Gear Boost, you will be able to experience full raid in its full glory and all witness unique boss mechanics at their deadliest. One of the bosses is directly connected with N’Zoth and whispers new cryptic revelations of the upcoming story. The raid environment is heavily Naga, and Old God themed full of new models and unique animations.

By buying this kind of gear boost from our BoostBay shop you will unlock lots of new transmogrification options as well including the rarest looking appearances of various armor pieces and weapons. It is worth noting that you will achieve the latest Cutting edge achievement from this raid run as well! In case you run into any rare problem, please feel free to contact our BoostBay Support Team for a quick and efficient solution to your issue. We wholeheartedly thank you for choosing BoostBay Market for your WoW Boosting needs, and we wish you excellent raiding experience as well as Legendary rewards along the way. The Circle of Stars nears its completion at last! Hour of Twilight is coming!

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