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The 8.2 major content update has introduced a new large-scale raid included into the World of Warcraft! In case you’re not happy with a common boosting run, BoostBay is glad to provide you with an ability to buy The Eternal Palace Full Heroic Gear Boost to help you fully outfit your character in amazing and powerful raid gear!

You will be able to gear yourself with a full set of Heroic EP 430+ gear! Most of it has got special effects, like the ones introduced in Crucible of Storms but without any negative downside to them! You will also receive the latest Ahead of the Curve achievement! All available boosters for this service have been thoroughly verified for your safety and convenience. Most sellers operate in both EU and US regions. In case you encounter any rare problem, please do not hesitate to contact BoostBay Support Team to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. We are always there for you!

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Patch 8.2 has introduced lots of exciting content to Battle of Azeroth and BoostBay market proudly presents you the opportunity to buy The Eternal Palace Full Heroic BiS Gear run as one of the available purchases at a decent cost. You will be able to acquire Heroic 430+ item level gear packed with gorgeous looks and special effect similar to Crucible of Storms. Due to the high difficulty of the raid, account sharing will be required for beginner players. Most of EP Full Heroic Gear Boosters operate in both EU and US regions.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace features a unique scenery of a city risen from the depths by the Naga Queen with the help of Tidestone of Golganneth. The palace itself used to be a seat of power for an ancient Nightelven Kingdom, from which Azshara used to rule before the event known as the Sundering. Now, this Naga Dominion is filled with lots of connections to the Old Gods. The penultimate encounter involves Harbinger of N’Zoth himself packed with lots of new Old God voice lines for all the lore lovers out there.

It is worth noting that due to the complexity of EP Heroic Gear Boost offer several raid resets will be required to finish it. In case of experiencing any rare problematic case, please don’t be hesitant to contact BoostBay Support Team to receive a fast and efficient solution to any issue that may arise. Thank you for choosing BoostBay shop as the platform for your WoW boosting needs. Your continuous support helps us remain the best service provider on the market! The cycle is complete! Get ready to drown yourself in the Circle of Stars! Get your The Eternal Palace Heroic Gear Boost today!

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