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Our marketplace is happy to provide you with WoW Battle of Dazar’alor boost services! Immerse yourself in one of the more unique raiding experiences of World of warcraft and prepare to kick the teeth out of yet another iconic badass of Blizzard’s franchise: Lady Jaina Proudmoore!

The lady magician has been our ally for a long time now, but hey, loot is loot! Oh and there are some other familiar faces (like King Rastakhan and High Tinker Mekkatorque) that require the attention from the pointy end of your weapons as well. Get hyped for a full on faction assault! Don’t hesitate and book your BoD boost order while it’s still relevant! Safe and prosperous tomb raiding adventures both for EU and US at BoostBay.

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Service description

WoW at this point has seen its fair share of faction-themed raids and dungeons (the most notorious one probably being the Siege of Orgrimmar), but nothing quite like this. The way encounters are presented and how race-swapping mechanics are implemented makes for an exciting experience you won’t get in any other World of Warcraft activity, PvP or PvE.

Our BoD carry crews are happy to take you for a ride of any difficulty (personally we recommend always to pick and buy Battle for Dazar’alor mythic boost as your first purchase run to make sure you get the most of available achievements, especially difficulty-specific and time-limited ones like Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve).

Before purchasing your WoW Dazar’alor raid boost you might want to consider the following. If you’re new to purchasing any sort of personal loot run and have no idea how it works well here’s the gist: depending on your class the game binds you to a specific armor type that is shared across some other classes, this makes it possible to fit the whole raid with characters that share the same armor type as you do, which in turn makes it possible for you to receive all that delicious loot (because that’s how paid personal loot runs work — you get all the items that drop) with the only exception being the situations where a person from a seller crew would get an item of an exceptionally higher level that they themselves don’t already have (the game would simply bind them to it).

Usually Normal and Heroic boosting runs come with a self play option available for players who look for a genuine and fulfilling raiding experience without needing to invest too much time on practising the tactics, but mythic runs might involve the requirement to use account sharing. Your item level is mostly irrelevant, but playing the higher initial level you have — the less strain would be put on the seller team and your overall experience would be much smoother.

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