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COS Normal Carry with us

Our marketplace is ready to provide you with the quickest WoW Crucible of Storms normal raid boost for sale! Not even joking. There are only 2 bosses there, as you know. But our Crucible of Storms normal carry won’t see you wiping on Uu’nat because somebody forgot how to use their artifact.

Keep in mind that this version does not include either 'Ahead of the Curve' or 'Cutting Edge' achievements. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available both for EU and US.

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Considering that this dungeon only has 2, making it one of the shortest raid dungeons in the history of World of Warcraft, bosses we’d say that purchasing a Crucible of Storms normal boost is quite lacking compared to other options. Sure, this is your best chance at getting unique trinkets and weapons from this place to properly test them.

Keep in mind that because of how short this dungeon is and the obligatory personal loot limitations, your chances of scoring loot are much more limited in comparison to Uldir or Battle of Dazar’alor.

CoS normal boost run gives you the opportunity to earn gear of 395+ item level.

If you’re interested in scoring the ‘Ahead of Time‘ or ’Cutting Edge" achievements and not loot — we recommend to order either a Heroic CoS boost or a Mythic one from our shop right away and put your worries aside.

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