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Encounter with long awaited Old God — N’Zoth! Hour of Twilight is approaching and N’Zoth is up to testing heroes of Azeroth for their capability of handling things to come! You can easily purchase your own WoW Crucible of Storms Mythic Boosting today to be fully prepared when the Circle of Stars will be completed!

Our platform holds the best CoS Mythic Carry service to make your journey through this latest raid like a breeze. All our World of Warcraft boosts are done safely and securely in both EU and US regions. Account sharing may be required for some orders. Most of the sellers offer armor type stacking and Personal Loot runs available! Get your CoS Boost today!

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Crucible of Storms Mythic Boost has recently became available with introduction of CoS cross server! You can get all those rare relevant achievements and top notch gear easily with services BoostBay has to offer!

Battle for Azeroth expansion started with worldwide war between Alliance and Horde. Though while Heroes of Azeroth were slaughtering each other, dark powers were gaining strength beneath the surface of dying World. Throughout all previous years we have been riddled with dark puzzles of Old God prophecies but it seems now will be the time when all the Truths will be revealed at last.

Latest patch introduced new quest chain culminating in final mission to defeat N’Zoth’s minions within Crucible of Storms. While Azeroth Heroes emerge victorious in this fight it just turns out to be a trial by Old God to determine if we are capable to do his dark bidding. A truly immersive experience! Along with Lore filled story new raid introduced new quite peculiar items with special effects. In fact every item from raid has one! Still participation in this epic encounter may be tiresome for a lot of players due to huge amount of playing time investment required to actually experience this new raid in all its glory.

But we got you covered with services from BoostBay! Feel free to checkout our marketplace where you can buy lots of ingame services to cover all your needs! Next patch is coming soon so you would better hurry and get your Ahead of the Curve and even Cutting Edge achievements before it is too late.

All sellers that are present on our platform undergo complex verification so you may get the best offers both in terms quality and price. Most of the boosters offer armor type stacking so you can get the most out of your weekly run. In case of any problem you can contact BoostBay Team for a quick and efficient solution. With all being said, please enjoy our services which we strive to make perfect. Thank you for choosing BoostBay and we wish you great adventures and most importantly epic rewards!

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