WOW Crucible of Storms Heroic loot run Directly from Boosters 2019


Turn the tides of vengeance in your favour with a Crucible of Storms Heroic loot run from BoostBay! Does it sound weird to have a loot run for a raid with just 2 bosses? Not at all! All gear in Crucible of Storms is powerful and unique for each boss fight, so the idea to sell a run where the client gets all those juicy drops is perfectly justified! Safe travels into Old God’s intestine for EU and US with BoostBay.

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World of Warcraft has seen its fair share of short raids during its lifetime with the most notorious one probably being the Ruby Sanctum. Boy, what a cork of content that place was... and at the end of the expansion no less! Quite an anticlimactic way to end Wrath of the Lich King. Blizzards must’ve been out of their minds!

At least this one acts as an intermediary before a major content patch, so that makes it tolerable. What doesn’t, however, is the fact that WoW’s latest blight in shape of mandatory personal loot mode makes it profoundly difficult for normal players to get items unless they’re stacking armor type and classes of similar types, which usually causes a lot of drama.

To skip all that trouble and get the most out that place we strongly recommend to purchase yourself a CoS Heroic lootrun service from our sellers! Unlike common boosting, if you buy this one — you’re guaranteed to get every piece of gear (unless it got Titanforged so hard that the booster simply can’t take it off) and get a crowd which uses the same gear you do to further increase the odds of success!

"Is the loot from CoS Heroic raid really that good? Armor that drops there doesn’t even use unique models!" — you might say. Sure, there are no new armor models, but all weapons are cool-looking and unique, the default ilvl of items is either higher by 5 (Restless Cabal) or by 10 (Uu’nat) compared to Dazar Alor and we all know that ilvl is king stat in BfA!

And those procs... Some of them are interesting, but others are simply great and nobody can say for sure that they won’t be mandatory or simply better than the ones from the next patch! History of this game remembers many cases when a single trinket was used throughout several raid tiers just because of how good its effect was!

So waste no time and order yourself a run while it’s still relevant! Account sharing might be mandatory.

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