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COS Heroic Carry with us

Our marketplace is happy to provide you with the best WoW Crucible of Storms heroic boost for sale! While having only 2 boss encounters the Heroic version of this dungeon features exciting challenge, interesting rewards and a time-limited achievement.

Purchasing a Crucible of Storms heroic carry is one of the better options you can get with this dungeon! However, if you’re a completionist, then you should look at Mythic for that sweet rare "Cutting Edge". BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available both for EU and US.

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While short, the 2nd one of the two available bosses in this dungeon is by no means a pushover and packs a set of unique and punishing mechanics in World of Warcraft waiting for your group. Without a doubt — Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void is one of the coolest encounters we’ve seen so far in Battle for Azeroth. Don’t hesitate and buy a boost while it’s still relevant!

Because of how unique and punishing Uu’nat’s mechanics are the sellers are very likely to request mandatory account sharing. And keep in mind that having just 2 bosses makes personal loot limitations very prominent in this raid so don’t get get upset if you didn’t happen to get anything from a single run. This ain’t a zoo like Uldir or Battle of Dazar’alor.

CoS heroic boost run gives you the opportunity to earn gear of 410+ item level and a guaranteed "Ahead of the Curve" time-limited achievement! This is absolutely a great purchase in terms of reward and investment. Don’t hesitate and order a CoS heroic carry crew right away!

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