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Our marketplace is happy to provide you with the best WoW Crucible of Storms boost for sale! Venture into one of the most unique, both visually and mechanically, designed raid dungeons in the game!

With just 2 boss encounters in the area you can be sure that all any WoW Crucible of Storms carry you purchase from us would not only go smoothly, but also lightning fast! So don’t hesitate and treat yourself to a visit with N’zoth himself and lots, lots of sushi. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available both for EU and US.

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Crucible of Storms is definitely an impressive looking raid dungeon and we can’t stress this enough! Playing through that place definitely would send shivers down your spine with all the eldritch stuff, tentacles and those nightmare fuel giant squid eyes you see around!

A worthy successor (thematically) in our opinion to Emerald Nightmare, if only too short. The dungeon introduces some interesting interactive mechanics in its second encounter — Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void, some of which even taking the whole ‘personal responsibility‘ thing a bit too far, especially on a Mythic difficulty. The second welcome novelty comes in form of weirdly interesting and engaging passive effects we see on the ingame loot items!

Yes, they are either a bit unreliable or unnecessarily complicated, but definitely something fresh and we, the players, needed in World of Warcraft, especially in such a lazy expansion as Battle for Azeroth, to stir our blood up. Another puzzling thing is the release date of this particular raid, as due to difficulty we might expect much fewer people to be able to get Cutting Edge in time for 8.2.

This is certainly great for our business, but not so much for the general audience with who we can’t help but empathize. We’re not saying that you absolutely must buy a Crucible of Storms boost right away, but it’s safe to assume that most CoS carry crews would be quite preoccupied trying to process as many clients as possible in as quickly as possible.

Due to unique nature of this raid dungeon and it’s bosses we think it is fair to warn that this service might include obligatory account sharing due to complicated encounter mechanics. Also because of how short it is you should definitely remember the personal loot limitations and we urge you not to be upset as this place provides much fewer opportunities for loot that, say, Uldir or Battle of Dazar’alor.

If you’re interested in scoring the ’Ahead of the Curve" or ‘Cutting Edge’ achievements and not loot — we recommend to order either a Heroic CoS boost or a Mythic one from our shop right away and put your worries aside.

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