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RBG Rating Carry with us

We’ve got renowned professionals and champions of previous PvP seasons ready to provide their services and deliver RBG rating carry for EU or US saving you time and stress of cherry picking your team and scoring those victories. Our professionals will get the title you came for and more. We’ve got some of the cheapest offers on the market backed up by safe service.

Rated Battlegrounds offer an amazing opportunity to earn unique titles which would help you distinguish yourself among the masses. Most sellers have a self play option available.

In case you’re unsure whether its RBG 2k boost or RBG 2400 boost or just which ranking you want at all - be sure to check a list we’ve presented below.

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Service description

If you value your precious time - then take our word and buy WoW RBG rating boost. Indeed, if you’ve ever tried to get into rated 3v3 arena then you probably know how much work and training a team of 3 would require to succeed at higher rating, so we presume it wouldn’t be too much to compare such a feat involving a whole dozen to wrangling a herd of wild cats.

Here on BoostBay you can easily find a WoW RBG rating carry crew that will help you achieve the desired goals in no time! Although most tasks can be fulfilled within days, you should keep in mind that climbing beyond 2100 might take additional time, especially if you’re starting fresh or below 1000.

In case you wonder what exactly you can get with this, here’s a quick rundown:

RBG RatingAllianceHorde
1400Master SergeantSenior Sergeant
1500Sergeant MajorFirst Sergeant
1600KnightStone Guard
1700Knight-LieutenantBlood Guard
2000Lieutenant CommanderChampion
2100CommanderLieutenant General
2300Field MarshalWarlord
2400Grand MarshalHigh Warlord

Additionally, keep in mind the following information:

  • 2000 rating gives access to purchasing an elite gear set for the current season
  • 2200 rating gives access to purchasing a unique PvP tabard and cloak
  • 2400 rating gives access to purchasing a unique seasonal PvP weapon enchant (probably the coolest of rewards as there’s no way those are ever coming back!)

In World of Warcraft: BfA rated battleground rating provides access to a much higher number of titles than rated arena which is something you might specifically keep in mind in case you’ve come to expand your character customization.

Note: while we’ve already said that a self-play option is available, keep in mind that most sellers would probably ask for account sharing should you choose to go beyond 2000 rating. This is done to maximise the best potential potential outcome as these people have made this service into their jobs and perform better when playing with their usual setups.

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