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Horde Hero Carry with us

Lok’tar sons and daughters of the Horde! The time has come for you to establish your dominance in the Rated Battlegrounds with the Hero of the Horde boost from our faithful mercenaries!

Join the ranks of those dedicated few who dominate the charts! Become one of the top 0.05% players of the current season and reap all the titles and rewards in the process!

This service includes both getting you the required rating and 50 RBG victories to get the achievement. Safe sailing to top ranks for EU and US only with BoostBay.

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Service description

There are no requirements to receive a Hero of the Horde carry safe for one: your character needs to be of maximum level. Past experience, gear and achievements do not matter.

The Alliance has been known to dominate the PvP scenery since… time immemorial. Some would claim Vanilla, others Wrath of the Lich King or even something else, but one thing is certain: not any more! We’ve got the people for you and they’ve got the skill! Don yourself proudly in the colours of your faction and show that you’re the true Hero of the Horde! A title that should have’ but isn’t, available to just any PvE veteran and is shining prominently in faction-centric expansion of BfA!

Keep in mind that due to complexity of this order self play requests are very likely to be automatically turned down. In this case, the use of account sharing is justified by the fact that high rating requires a degree of teamplay and coordination which the sellers already have and involving you would only complicate things.

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