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Looking to buy Rated Battleground wins to reach your weekly cap and get that item you want? Is it a piece of PvP gear or the new vicious saddle? Does it matter for us? Of course not! Here at BoostBay, we’re more than happy to provide you with service that you want and need right now!

A simple RBG wins farm boost is a safe and popular purchase where you can’t go wrong.

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World of Warcraft presents players with a plethora of ways to entertain themselves and outfit their characters and the recent changes made to the system with BfA have only streamlined the process. If you decide to buy RBG wins boost then you open yourself to a variety of different valuable prizes like unique mounts, gear and other transmog and also faction-specific titles!

That’s why BoostBay is happy to help you connect with teams and groups that would provide RBG wins carry easy and fight for coin and glory, like the sellswords of old. If you’re new to this mode then you should keep in mind that getting the desired amount of victories can take time (your item level affects this as well), but most boosting jobs can be done within days.

In World of Warcraft: BfA rated battleground rating provides access to a much higher number of titles and is better for Honor Level power leveling than rated arena which is something you might specifically keep in mind in case you’ve come to expand your character customization.

Note: while we’ve already said that a self-play option is available, keep in mind that most sellers would probably ask for account sharing should you choose to ask for win farming beyond 2000 rating. This is done to maximize the best potential outcome as these people have made this service into their jobs and perform better with playing with their usual setups.

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