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RBG Carry with us

Looking to get yourself some WoW RBG boosting? Well look no further! We’ve got many crews for both EU and US regions ready to hop in right away with an option of self play boost available as well. Save yourself some precious time and allow our professionals to dominate the fields of battle in this PvP season for you (or alongside you!).

RBGs are an amazing source of unique titles, illustrious gear and bombastic mounts, all which become account-bound once you unlock them at least once. Getting a single RBG boost purchase is better to being stuck in a rut.

Weekly Conquest Point cap and victory farm can be easily arranged on our platform as well with some of the cheapest service prices to boot!

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Service description

The main reason why anyone would want to get themselves an RBG carry crew is to safe time and avoid stress. If you’ve thought that coordinating 3 people during an arena much is a tough nut to crack — then you can surely imagine what a pain it is to organize a dozen on much larger map where chaos is constantly running rampant.

That’s why BoostBay is happy to help you connect with teams and groups that would make this task easy and fight for coin and glory, like the sellswords of old. If you’re new to this mode then you should keep in mind that getting to your desired rating can take time (your item level affects this as well), but most jobs can be done within days.

In case you wonder what exactly you can get if you buy WoW RBG boost, here’s a quick rundown:

  • 2000 rating gives access to purchasing an elite gear set for the current season
  • 2200 rating gives access to purchasing a unique PvP tabard and cloak
  • 2400 rating gives access to purchasing a unique seasonal PvP weapon enchant (probably the coolest of rewards as there’s no way those are ever coming back!)

In World of Warcraft: BfA RBGs provide access to a much higher number of titles than rated arena which is something you might specifically keep in mind in case you’ve come to expand your character customization.

Note: while we’ve already said that a self-play option is available, keep in mind that most sellers would probably ask for account sharing should you choose to go beyond 2000 rating. This is done to maximise the best potential potential outcome as these people have made this service into their jobs and perform better with playing with their usual setups.

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