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Honor lvl Carry with us

Looking for some swift and reliable WoW Honor Level boost?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Sure, with 500 levels — this won’t be fast, but at least we can agree that having someone else farming your WoW honor level is much preferable to enduring this monotonous task yourself.

Wrap yourself in a myriad of available rewards using the BoostBay store! We provide a fast and reliable service available for both EU and US.

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Service description

Back in Legion, the Honor Level mechanic was introduced as a replacement to Honor Point model, which was in use since Wrath of the Lich King. Even though the whole thing was a blatant ripoff of Prestige Mode from Call of Duty, it worked out pretty well! But there was one serious pitfall with this idea.

Anyone who would want to buy WoW Honor lvl boost to speed up the acquisition of cosmetic rewards had to keep in mind that in order to progress, they had to sacrifice their PvP talents as part of the process.

So, you either had to pay an extra cost to have those restored for you, in addition to boosting, or grind them out yourself. Not to mention that each character had a separate track of their prestige levels, meaning that you would get duplicate rewards! So getting an honor level carry service was kinda dubious back then.

Thankfully, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has brought some much-needed quality of life improvements to this system. The most important one is making the whole thing account-wide, allowing you to freely swap characters and get to  the cap with any of them without the need to worry that you’re wasting time without getting any progress. Separating PvP talents was a great touch too.

But as a result, now we have to mindlessly grind through a whole of 500 levels! And it’s not like high honor level denotes your skills or anything. You can simply grind World Quests and Towers and achieve the same results as any dedicated PvP’er!

So, to skip this farce of a system, save your precious time and earn all available cosmetic rewards — we absolutely recommend you purchase this service. Self-play is certainly possible if you have that in mind, but we suggest you take advantage of account sharing and just let our boosters do the job while you’re away from the game. The amount of time required to complete this service would vary based on the difference between your current honor level and your goal.

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