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Looking for some manner of WoW Battleground boosting? Well, look no further! Here at the BoostBay store, our sellers are ready to provide you with any kind of WoW BFA BG boost you want to buy! Non-stop victory farm, acquisition of Conquest Points, acquisition of PvP gear and mounts, BG carry crews, you name it!

Our service is highly versatile. Use it satiate your transmogrification needs or dominate the leaderboards, because you know what? Success is never blamed! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available for both EU and US.

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Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft can certainly be fun! With the innovations done to the PvP reward system in Battle for Azeroth, they’ve even turned into a decent method of gear acquisition. In addition, the gear (specifically its item level) that you acquire from BGs (such as the end of the match rewards, weekly cache, and weekly azerite item) no longer depends on the quality of the gear that you have, but your current rating instead!

And the gear you get from it can easily compete in power with high difficulty raids rewards! Remember, there is no longer any difference between PvP and PvE gear. Lost yet? There is no time to be lost! Get one of our World of Warcraft BFA BG carry crews and let’s go!

"Isn’t rated option better?‘ — we hear you ask. Well, yes and no. There are benefits to both options, like, by increasing your overall rating you’ll be getting better rewards and have a chance at obtaining this season’s mount. But you know what becomes really hard to get? Achievements.

Especially if you’re looking for meta ones, like ’Master of Arathi Basin", because the competition would be tough as nails and it would be simply impossible to pursue any goals other than pure victory.

The cost of your purchase would vary primarily on what exactly you want to get and whether or not you want to involve the use of a self-play option. From our perspective, we definitely recommend that you leave everything to our professionals just to be sure that they’re going to carry out your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, so don’t think twice about account-sharing!

It is as safe as it gets, not to mention that your order can be carried out while you’re busy with IRL stuff or taking a break from the game.

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