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Arena Cap Carry with us

Our marketplace is happy to provide you with the best WoW Arena weekly cap boost! This is also a decent option if you want you Conquest Point cap with your regular arena boosting. Arenas are an amazing time sink and fun overall, but running into same team setups over and over sure make things monotonous, especially in high-ranking games where cookie-cutter teams are primarily the only way to go. To rid yourself of this trouble — we recommend scheduling a regular Arena Weekly cap carry service!

Make sure you’re safe and rogues won’t do you from behind with BoostBay! Available both for EU and US.

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Everyone loves an arena skirmish! Come in punch someone’s teeth in, get some of yours punched out, kill shit, take loot, rinse and repeat! But then a loss, even a single one, is not something you can easily take in rated games, especially at a higher rating where you need to treasure every point you have to keep on climbing. Doing this daily? Mentally exhausting. Which is why we think it’s a good idea to delegate this onto someone who will do it! In particular — our sellers.

Buying WoW arena weekly cap boost is a fine idea, but we still think that if you need them fast — you’re better off with RBG purchase in terms of speed. Still, with how the PvP system in World of Warcraft has evolved, especially in Battle for Azeroth, it doesn’t really matter how you want to get it done.

The contents of your weekly PvP chest will be the same regardless of your bracket, with your highest rating among those being the primary factor that defines the item level of PvP gear you get both from point cap and the chest.

So what you’re waiting for? Those Conquest Points and victories won’t farm themselves! Get your arena wins cheap with BoostBay!

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