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PvE Coaching with us

Mickey Goldmill recommends our marketplace as one with the best WoW PvE coaching service! Our sellers are ready to improve you at any scene you need. WoW raids coaching? WoW Mythic+ coaching? They might sound the same because of how patterned PvE is, but you that’s where are wrong!

There’s always room for improvement, improvisation and maximization! Otherwise just how do you think those party metas and high ranks are reached?

BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available both for EU and US.

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You know what the sweetest part of the deal is? If you become better at executing the mechanics of a single raid — you’re becoming better at doing all of them. Learning basics is great with our WoW dungeons coaching.

Now, you might say that Mythic+ and raids are the same, in the vein that being good at raiding automatically makes you good at M+, but you would be wrong or partially right at best.

How so? Simple: raids require you to perform coordinated actions that require while dungeons allow (and even encourage) you to break the mold. Keep in mind that becoming a better player takes some time and you probably won’t be becoming a rank one class representative of your server overnight.

Surely you’re thinking to yourself right now ‘If they want to sell us boost to raids and stuff why they would us teach to be better at the game? This must be a scam!‘. Dear customer, you’re dead wrong here. Just because you’re good at World of Warcraft doesn’t mean that you won’t be needing us to get those ’Cutting Edge" achievements on the last week prior to next content patch.

We’re here for you when you need that sweet high lvl key done and those goons refuse to take you because of your ilvl being lower a single digit and because you lack an achievement for completing the previous season. Coaching is about learning and self-improvement, which, as we’ve noted, is very different from our usual ‘we’re here to save your time’ policy.

Besides, you might consider providing paid WoW M+ coaching yourself! Or if not coaching — give other players actual valuable insight and criticism? After all, being more knowledgeable would allow you to spot faults and either fix them or provide valid criticism, which is a much better alternative to simply shaming your companions!

As we always like to point out — our sellers are professional players themselves, which is saying that we value them. We encourage you to spend your new found knowledge among your friends and people you like and welcome to our platform should you decide that you, as a proper teacher, need some sort of proper reward for your services.

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