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Looking for a platform where you buy WoW Pet Power Level service without needing to worry about it being safe and reliable? Then BoostBay is happy to deliver, as always!

Our sellers will powerlevel any WoW pets from your collection with the utmost care and efficiency as if they were their own. Rest assured, none of your pretties would end up caged and smuggled away because BoostBay is looking out for ya!

If you’re a new player, we absolutely recommend you to order a boost for a chosen team of 3 pets instead of 1 to get the best possible results. Service available for both EU and US.

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While the number of pets in World of Warcraft continues to swell beyond ludicrous proportions, their number has exceeded 1100 unique pets at the start of Battle for Azeroth expansion, one thing remains regrettably unchanged. Their system of progression.

It remains the same since it was first introduced in Mists in Pandaria back in 2012: maximum lvl a pet can achieve is still 25, and their quality cannot be improved further than the original four stages (poor, common, uncommon and rare).

Actually, the latter applies only to players, as Blizzard has already introduced epic quality pets as enemies you can find while battling max-level tamers and even legendary ones as targets for 120 level quests. Looking at those numbers, one cannot help but point out that the whole "breed" system at this point feels more like a way to extend the grind rather than diversify the process.

Feeling tired just from reading this? Remember then that World of Warcraft even has its own pet power leveling feature, which is still incredibly grindy (the stones). And while we can understand the appeal behind the mini-game (it’s a great Pokemon parody), it would be unfair not to point out that there’s little of actual value to be gained from this activity. Sure, there are achievements, titles, and mounts to be gained, but at the cost of time better spent elsewhere.

No, there’s nothing wrong if you genuinely like it. Some people even manage to turn it into hard profit by selling high-level pets on the AH. But if you’re a completionist or avid pet PvPer — then an occasional pet boost service is what you need to prepare your newest star setup.

Keep in mind that character gear and item level have no effect on pet battles. Also, this purchase is a great alternative way to level up twink characters, especially if you got many heirloom items to rack up bonus XP, so try negotiating this option to get double benefit from your boosting!

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