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110-120 lvl Carry with us

This is a dedicated version of our WoW power level service aimed for reaching the current maximum level, which is currently 120. Our restless sellers will swiftly carry your character to 120 while unlocking key features (such as fly points, Mythic Dungeons and War Campaign) in Battle for Azeroth at a low cost within days.

BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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If we’re being honest here, it’s really weird that Blizzard still haven’t introduced some manner of boosting to 120 in WoW: BfA. Why? Because it is really obnoxious at this point! With only 3 zones available it is very hard to vary your journey. At least during Legion World of Warcraft had engaging class campaigns which all felt unique and would reward you with special weapon skins at certain points, while here all you have is the same War Campaign which you absolutely have to do for every single character on your account just to unlock basic stuff.

Should you decide to buy WoW level 120 boost from our sellers, remember that you can customize your order! Along with your standard character boost, you can ask for such things as increased item level, leveling of professions, boosting your reputations (Which is necessary to unlock certain features!) and more! Don’t hesitate to discuss the deal!

But remember that while the default WoW lvl 120 boost is near instant, the total price and estimated time of completion for that purchase might vary heavily from what you initially expected with every feature you decide to add. Account sharing is most likely to be obligatory.

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