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As every World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth brought new level cap of 120 along with new achievement to unlock Allied Races Heritage Armor which requires players to level fresh Allied Race character all the way up to level 110 without using instant boost available through Blizzards Store.

This process is time consuming but our BoostBay services may prove useful to use in overcoming this obstacle. You are able to easily purchase WoW BfA lvl 110 boost from sellers listed on our Marketplace without worrying for the safety of your account since all present Battle for Azeroth 110 carries are complexly verified through our system. In case of any rare problem you can always contact our BoostBay support team to solve your issue as soon as possible.

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Recent expansions have introduced a whole lot of new races which became a great motivation to create additional twinks. Though new scaling leveling system was introduced at the end of World of Warcraft: Legion expansion it didn’t become easier to level your character. On the contrary: now the process became a bit more convenient but also more time consuming as well. And with all Heritage Armor locked behind fresh leveling up to even 110 level this situation started looking grim. That is why you may be interested in WoW BfA level boosting services which are available on BoostBay Marketplace!

You can easily order and buy WoW BfA level 110 boost (starting from any level) at a reasonable cost through our Marketplace and forget about strolling through all that boring old content. Listed sellers will do that for you in a much small time frame rather than you may be spending on leveling your character unless you are a professional booster. Most carries perform level 1-110 boost in both EU and US regions.

Price for level and item level boosting varies depending on current level of your character. For your safety and convenience all registered sellers undergo complex verification system to ensure that all buyers receive services from professionals only. In case of any rare problematic issue you may count on our BoostBay support team who will solve any type of issue in the fastest and most convenient way. Please be aware that in most cases account sharing will be required.

Do not hesitate to delve deeper into newest content as soon as possible with the help of our services. Battle for Azeroth locations are filled with the best quality content World of Warcraft has yet to offer and it is a real shame that the path to it is so slow and boring. Thank you for your interest in BoostBay and we wish you epic adventures in Battle for Azeroth!

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