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Looking to buy yourself a max level WoW character? Alas, but you just can’t! We have several articles, here on BoostBay, explaining exactly why. But you absolutely can get a level boost for your WoW character and accomplish exactly what you’re looking for!

Our sellers would fulfill this order in a few days if you’re starting with a completely fresh character or even faster, depending on your level. If you wish to jump right into the action and not waste your time leveling through obsolete content — this is the service you need! Available for both EU and US.

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Some people would say that leveling is important, that you need it to learn your character and immerse yourself in the world, to involve yourself with the game’s community and find some friends. Is it, though?

Each expansion in World of Warcraft pushes the cap even further. It used to be 110 in Legion, in Battle for Azeroth expansion it’s 120 and it only goes up. Plot lines?

Sure, zones and locations have them, but any actual character-driven narrative doesn’t emerge until Warlord of Draenor and you will level too fast to actually appreciate those anyway. Oh, and how about the fact that WoW itself has a character leveling service? It doesn’t come cheap either!

All that the official boost token achieves is dropping your character at the doorstep of latest expansion with a minimum item level required to get trough. And this is it: no learning, no immersion, nothing. Even the devs want you just to get up and get on with your game!

In addition, our World of Warcraft character powerleveling service comes with additional options, like helping your character progress through obligatory keypoints, farming reputation and even gear necessary for all high-level activities. All of that for a cost that is much fairer than the one presented in the in-game store, which makes it a vastly superior purchase!

Sure, the official boost token gets the job done in a blink of an eye, like clicking your heels, but that’s where merits end. Safe? Sure, but all our services are safe as well and we’ve got reviews to prove that! So don’t waste your money on that. Get the most from a power leveling boosting service right here on BoostBay!

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