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Can’t stand the drag of leveling a character even with all the heirlooms? Are you a new player who used their boost on a class that didn’t meet expectations? Those are great reasons to get yourself a WoW BFA powerleveling treatment!

Our sellers at BoostBay offer cheap, safe and effective WoW power leveling boost services and carry crews that will get you from level 1 to whatever the current maximum is in just a few days and at a low cost to boot! Available for both EU and US.

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With each new expansion World of Warcraft continues to ever increase the maximum level a character can reach. This is needed not only to increase game longevity but help distinguish content and reassess difficulty level.

It can be an interesting and engaging journey especially with the character centered, narrative-driven campaigns we’re getting for several expansions now, but is it fun to do from a scratch for each individual character? Absolutely not! Don’t waste your time on mandatory story quests and farming irrelevant dungeons, and consider to buy WoW BFA Power Leveling boost instead at a reasonable price to get in the flow!

"But wouldn’t boosting my WoW character level make it worse? I don’t know the game!‘ — Nope. There’s a good reason why the game now includes a single character boost with the purchase of current expansion. Not only does normal leveling process take an obscene amount of time at this point (no surprise considering the game has 7 expansions at this point), but it’s honestly boring.

Sure, some quest lines are interesting, but performing the same ’go fetch this" and ‘go kill those’ quests over and over mostly alone becomes downright dreary at some point.

When placing your order for BfA level boost we suggest you consider the benefits our sellers can provide, like getting your character to level 120 instead of 110, reaching a specific item level, getting you to a certain Arena Rating, unlock World Quests and Mythic Dungeons or other features that the Blizzard’s initial service fails to do! Plus, you get to keep all the gold and juicy stuff you get in the process.

Battle for Azeroth level boost service has no restrictions or gear requirements, but account sharing is mandatory for our sellers to carry out their duties.

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