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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth offers many ways to enjoy the game besides main endgame content. One of the major aspects of the game has become Battle Pet battling and collecting.

Though a lot of Pets were made unobtainable through regular means such as TCG code Pets BoostBay Marketplace still allows you to get your hands on those precious companions such as an ability to safely buy Spectral Tiger Cub for a great cost.

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Through the years World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has become a game with lots of features which allow you to spend your time in various ways. Besides main endgame content such as raiding you can collect Battle Pets and Battle them with NPC Bosses as well as other players.

All pets differ significantly in abilities and rarity. One of the rarest Pets ever added to WoW which is not available in-game through conventional means named Spectral Tiger Cub is still on sale through BoostBay Marketplace Service, and you can order yours today!

Battle Pet system in World of Warcraft is still evolving from patch to patch with more features being added. For instance, Battle Pet Dungeons have become one of the most prominent additions to the game. All these dungeons are set in the setting of former Classic dungeons except your enemies are only other NPC Battle Pets.

To complete a dungeon you need a big group of varied Pets all at the highest level 25 available. Levelling a Pet can become a tiresome process, and for this case, different boosting sellers available through BoostBay Shop provide a service to quickly and efficiently level your Battle Pets up to the maximum level so you can concentrate on the most fun part of the game.

Besides different extremely rare TCG Pets, you can also buy regular rare ones to further extend your roster. Most of the pets could be sold through the in-game auction house for your convenience. Most of the listed sellers provide an opportunity to buy pets in both EU and US regions.

In case you may encounter any rare problem, please feel free to contact our BoostBay Support Team for a quick and fulfilling solution to any issue that may arise. We thank you for choosing BoostBay Market for your Battle Pet needs, and we wish you great victories on the fields of Glorious Pet Battles!

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