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Hey, look, we’ve got a Sand Scarab for sale! Yeah, that’s a rare WoW pet which you can get through loot item codes! That thing is so mediocre that you wouldn’t believe! What, you think this is some kind of joke? Well, we think that this bug is a joke!

Our average Sand Scarab price is also lower than anywhere else on the internet to further prove that point. But still, it’s a rare pet, it counts towards pet collection achievement and it’s got a reasonably low cost. Why not grab one while we have them in stock? BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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There are many pets in World of Warcraft. By saying many, we mean more than a freaking 1100. Seriously, just look it up! And of course, they all come in different tiers, meaning that not every high-level pet would be equally effective in battle. Which brings us to question: why would anyone want to buy WoW Sand Scarab pet..?

We’re not even joking here! It’s a TCG item, meaning that this fella is both somewhat rare (this one specifically isn’t as rare as, say, a Nightsaber Cub because more cards of that type were printed) and part of a limited edition series of loot items. Geez, like, look at the Purple Puffer! It’s a rad flying fish with a great combination of abilities sporting a jolly beautiful color. And this... pest... got what? Apocalypse? Sure, one-shotting most enemy types sound cool, but a whole 15 turns?

No way this is going to work in any serious fight. The rest of his kit is equally dreadful. His only merit? His price! He’s dirt cheap in real money value, but would still get you a sweet deal if you put him on the AH.

So, yeah, it might sound weird, but we honestly recommend you to purchase something else if you’re looking for a strong pet. But if your goal is to simply collect all available in-game pets — then go ahead and place your order! It’s still a rare TCG pet, and no amount of boosting would get you anything like him.

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