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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is not all about raiding and PVP though these are still one of the major aspects of the game. But there are other exciting gameplay options available such as collecting and battling Battle Pets.

Not all awesome pets are available in the game such as TCG ones since the production of physical cards has stopped but BoostBay Marketplace got you covered with an ability to buy Landro’s Lichling at a great cost to expand your pet collection Most of the listed sellers have Landro’s Lichling for sale in both EU and US WoW regions.

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Along the World of Warcraft evolution path, this great game expanded its features with lots of gameplay options besides the most popular ones such as raiding and PvPing. One of such additions to the game that later became loved by the playerbase was an introduction of Battle Pet system which allowed players to tame, level and even battle other players with adorable little creatures.

Through the years some of the rarest pets became unobtainable, but BoostBay shop still allows you to purchase pets such as Landro’s Lichling for a great price.

This adorable Pet is basically a small copy of Lich ingame model with crisp visuals and abilities and is still considered one of the most effective pets to use in different Battle Pet content such as Celestial Tournament and Battle Pet Dungeons.

Celestial Tournament, for instance, is a special event added back in the Mists of Pandaria expansion which challenges you to participate in a pet tournament battling with a limited amount of pets and if you succeed to get yourself one of the unique small versions of the Celestials themselves.

To speed up your process of preparing for the tournament you may consider ordering popular pets levelled to the highest level of 25 from boosting sellers available in our Shop. You will get your pets through auction house system for your safety in most cases.

Landro’s Lichling is not the only TCG Battle Pet available at BoostBay so you may find other TCG Pets which you always wanted to accompany you in your adventures.

In case you may experience any rare problematic situation, please feel free to contact our BoostBay Support Team for a rapid response and fast sufficient solution for any issue that you may encounter. Thank you for choosing BoostBay Marketplace for your Battle Pet needs, and we wish you great time taking your newly acquired pets for a walk in Azeroth!

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