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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth contains a wide variety of Battle Pets for all players that enjoy collecting and battling with small adorable creatures. Some of the best Battle Pets are gated behind the TCG codes which are no longer obtainable through conventional means.

But BoostBay Marketplace Service has an opportunity for everyone to buy rare TCG Pets to fill your collection at a great cost. BoostBay Store has a wide list of WoW TCG Pets available for sale including the infamous Spectral Tiger Cub.

All listed WoW TCG Prices are one of the best available on the market. Most listed sellers operate in both EU and US regions. In case of any rare problem please contact BoostBay Support Team for a quick and sufficient solution.

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Sometimes regular endgame content may become boring or you might as well be interested in another gameplay experience all along and in that case World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth contains a great Battle Pet systems which allows you to collect adorable creatures.

Though that is not all: you can as well level your pets while battling NPC bosses or even other players. Some of the pets are very rare and almost unobtainable through regular means such as TCG ones but BoostBay Shop gives you an opportunity to purchase all those extremely rare collectibles.

You can buy any rare WoW TCG Pet including even one the rarest Spectral Tiger Cub and available sellers will introduce you special offers for a reasonable price. Some of the pets are delivered through ingame codes others can be traded safely through ingame auction house.

Most listed sellers provide fast boosting for your newly bought pets straight to highest level 25 so you could easily complete Celestial Pet Tournament or any Pet Battle Dungeon and to receive those precious rewards for completing them.

Almost all offers are available both in EU and US regions. In case you experience any rare problem please contact our BoostBay Support Team for a quick and efficient solution to any issue that may arise.

Thank you for choosing BoostBay Market as the place for your TCG Battle Pet needs. We wish you have wonderful time exploring vast territories of Azeroth and beyond with your new adorable company!

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