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Looking to add something rare to your pet collection? Then buy Uuna! By now, you should have probably heard about her at least once... Or maybe not! But we will go into detail a bit more down below, for now, you can be safe knowing that this is one special cookie. Oh, one thing though: she is a companion, not a battle pet.

Yes, she counts towards the number required for pet-related achievements, but you can’t use her in combat! Would you expose a spirit of a Draenei child to such torture? Surely you wouldn’t! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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So, at this point, you might be completely puzzled as to why you would even want to purchase Uuna. After all, not every WoW player can just get Uuna, she requires a decent amount of luck just to spawn the rare mob that then might drop her item. Oh, right, if you don’t know — we’re talking Argus rares here, which means that you’ve got only a single attempt per day to loot her! And in the end... there isn’t even an achievement for obtaining her, you can’t level that pet or sell her on the auction house... But then not everything is as it seems.

The secret behind Uuna’s price and popularity is that she’s a key to two other exceptionally rare things in WoW. No, it hasn’t been like that in Legion. Back then all Uuna had to her was her story, which was a secret all of its own. No, she didn’t give you a quest like normal, instead, you had to perform a series of cryptic actions and make her react to things in order to... you’re not here for that, are you?

Ok, so there are 2 things in World of Warcraft related to Uuna: Baa’l and the Waist of Time cosmetic item. No, we didn’t spell it wrong, it’s exactly what it is! In case with Baa’l we’re going to spoil it for ya: you can’t beat him without completing her quest line first! Does it make her worth the cost? Well, you tell us! After all, boosting is about your satisfaction.

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