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So, you too want to get yourself that WoW Baa’l pet? But of course, you do! And BoostBay is happy to help you with this one! Doesn’t matter if you simply require assistance to beat him or need help finding this horny little twink, because each of those tasks is a journey worthy of its own story.

But since you’re here, you certainly want to buy Baa’l to avoid all this hustle and just enjoy your new pet, don’t you? The Black Goat is waiting! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Before you purchase Baa’l, you should know that his price of boosting and getting you this battle pet would depend on several factors. This isn’t a TCG loot item or something that you can get with a snap of your fingers, no sirree! This used to be one of the secrets of World of Warcraft and was solved by a huge discord community over a span of several months. And even though since then the process has been documented and laid bare for urging players, it’s not easy.

‘Is he worth the cost?‘ — you may ask. Yes. Yes, he is. You mess with the goat — you get the horns! While he lacks in defensive or sustaining abilities, his arsenal packs enough firepower to end any opponent in battle exceptionally fast and with utmost prejudice. ’Murder the innocent" alone can snuff the life out of any pet! He also sports a unique and genuinely cool creature model to help him stand out from the rest of the otherworldly creatures seen in the game.

Keep in mind though, that Baa’l is one of those rare cases when you can’t just level pet and put it in a cage and sell it on the auction house! Not to think that you’d ever do that to such an adorable little abomination, but we’ve decided to warn you about it nonetheless. Oh and unlike TCG pets, Baa’l is always available for order.

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