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Looking to buy rare WoW pets or boost your current pet collection? Don’t worry, because BoostBay has got you covered on that front as well! Our sellers can handle pet battles just as easily and reliably as they do raiding and PvP activities.

They also got some of the most rare and precious pets for sale to help expand your collection! Take a break from the usual dungeon farm and tryharding, and get immersed in this fun and casual activity! Service available for both EU and US.

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Disclaimer: unlike mounts, you can buy WoW BFA pets from WoW store on our platform.

Who would’ve thought that a simple game based around collecting hundreds of critters of various types and families and then making them fight each other to gain experience can be so popular? Pet battles in World of Warcraft are unique like that. Essentially, this is a game within a game, and if you’re just starting out - you’re probably going to be overwhelmed by the fact that there are over 600 different pets in the game. Yikes! And much like with character leveling, grinding exp for each and every one of them isn’t exactly fun, especially when the actual engaging stuff is restricted only to maxed-out level pets.

What’s more, our sellers have some of the rarest WoW BFA pets for sale, many of which can only be obtained via item codes which have been out of commission for a while now, like the TCG pets or promo items! All it takes to find out is to get your order out there.

And before you finally decide to purchase WoW pets, keep in mind that while pet battles offer lots of achievements, titles and toys, they offer little in terms of character progression, specifically gear. They do, however, cost a pretty penny and can be traded to other players using the auction house. No, we’re not talking about your regular wild pets that crawl absolutely everywhere, but rather rare boss drops and those earned from professions and various events. Gotta catch them all, eh?

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