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Looking to buy a WoW Swift Spectral Tiger mount? Try our sellers at BoostBay! This luxurious ride will make you stand out absolutely anywhere.

And because flying is gated behind an achievement, you will have ample opportunity to show off. While being classified as an "epic" mount within the game, its reputation among WoW players is absolutely legendary!

There’s no way to guarantee how for how long that Swift Spectral Tiger mount will remain for sale because the number of codes to get them is limited! Service available for both EU and US.

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If you wish to know why Swift Spectral Tiger commands such ludicrous price, then you should pay attention to where it comes from. Spoiler, it is from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game game. A quick search would confirm that its production has been discontinued for several years now, completely overshadowed by Hearthstone.

The card set that premiered this mount, Fires of Outland, was first released in 2007, and if the information is right, only 1 in 484 booster packs contained a special Spectral Tiger card! Holy cow, no wonder that it doesn’t come cheap these days!

This is probably one of the most well-known mounts of any online video game. Back then, this mount was especially coveted by Horde players, as for a long time this was the only way for them to obtain a saber cat mount. Sure, there was a tiger from Zul-Gurub, but he wasn’t nearly as cool as this guy. The situation, actually, hasn’t really changed even in Battle for Azeroth, but at least they’ve now got manasabers after uniting with the Nightborne!

One can argue that the cost of this loot item isn’t justified because the bloody thing cannot even fly, but this doesn’t change the fact how rare it is! Besides, take a close look at its model: it is one of those rare cases when something like this manages to stand the test of time.

This ghost cat is precious, no amount of boosting you might purchase would yield such results as whooping this guy out in a huge crowd. So order it now, while it remains in our listing! It would be a safe alternative to trying to pinch one from the remaining booster packs you can find on e-bay.

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