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Whaddaya know? BoostBay has got WoW TCG mounts for sale! Yes, they are still a thing!
Yes, we too are amazed by the fact that they’re still around. Do they keep exchanging hands and owners like some sort of prized vintage? Beats us!

But what we’re certain about, is that if you wish to distinguish yourself from the rest of player base — nothing beats having a rare mount. And in this case, we’re dealing with limited-edition ultra rare stuff!

If you’re looking to buy WoW TCG mounts cheap and with a 100% guarantee — you’ve come to the right place! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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TCG Mounts for Sale

Service description

Have you heard about a TCG game based on World of Warcraft universe? No, we’re not talking about Hearthstone! Before this abominable online time-spender of a game came to exist, there used to exist a TCG (Trading Card Game for those who don’t know) called... World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Yup. Not very imaginative. The game came out in 2010 and existed for approximately 3 years, before being discontinued and finally replaced by Hearthstone in 2014. This is where those enigmatic TCG items in World of Warcraft come from, in case you’ve ever wondered.

The catalogue of items you can get diminishes every day! Sure, none of them grant any manner of in-game advantage, but they are still perceived as prized ultra-rare cosmetic luxury items. Some of them, like the Amani Dragonhawk, have aged somewhat badly and we can easily understand why people don’t find them appealing, but in stark contrast, the legendary Swift Spectral Tiger remains one of the most badass mounts in the game even though it’s not a flying one! You won’t get those with any kind of boosting.

What else is there to say? Oh, right. You can no longer buy WoW TCG loot cards themselves. Or rather, you can find and order unopened booster packs on Amazon and similar websites, but there’s no guarantee you’re getting anything from them. So, rather than gambling your money for useless cardboard, why not just go ahead and directly purchase a code instead? Those prestigious mounts won’t remain in stock forever! That’s the whole reason why their base cost is usually so high!

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