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Ever wanted to make other players stare at you in awe? Then buy Wriggling Parasite mount! It’s hard to turn eyes away from its horrifying, yet enthralling form and the way it slithers only helps to achieve this. Its description text stands as a testament to that fact.

But for now, your attention should be turned elsewhere. In particular, to the fact that getting a Wriggling Parasite boost will also net you a full Ny’alotha run! So you get two worms with one stone.

Our sellers provide safe and reliable boosting services for both EU and US regions. In some cases, account sharing may be required.

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Why do all void creatures across in World of Warcraft have to be so unsightly? Their hideousness alone begs the question, “Why would anyone buy Wriggling Parasite boost?”, but such is reality. Still, there is no need to be ashamed if you are one such purveyor of the unusual. Revel in it! It makes you unique and helps you stand out!

There are several other candidates in WoW: BFA that could challenge its ghoulish appearance, like the Bloodgorged Crawg (that you can also get on our market) that comes from Uldir, but Wriggling Parasite carry run certainly beats it as you’ll get a flying mount. Yes, it flies, don’t be surprised. The Crawg doesn’t, but at least the price is always lower.

And then there’s the Leaping Veinseeker, which is a random drop! You’ve probably seen that thing, it looks like the facehugger spider from the “Alien” movie, but it can also fly. Truly, this nightmare should be very popular with people who have arachnophobia. Its downside is that it takes time to farm it, while you can easily find Wriggling Parasite for sale, cheap and today, in our shop as it is a guaranteed drop!

And here’s a pro tip: if you’re planning to purchase Wriggling Parasite mount, then do so while having a clean Ny’alotha, The Waking City lockout as you’ll be getting a free ride! You can do it personally or through account share, depending on your preference.

If you happen to wonder about the origin if void creatures in the game, then it might be worth to look up H.P. Lovecraft. His works are known worldwide, and there are many references to his books even in this game, the oldest one is probably C’thun who “has slept for aeons”, much like Lovecraft’s C’thulhu, who is also a monstrous cosmic god that brings madness, corruption, and tentacles to the world around itself. Another obvious one is how the naga race in WoW came to be, which is a direct reference to “Horror over Innsmouth”. Look it up!

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