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Looking for an outstanding ground mount to add to your collection? Then treat yourself to BoostBay’s Voidtalon of the Dark Star boost!

Never heard about it? Even better! This is a giant raptor bird (more like a predatory ostrich) made of bright purple flame! What can be cooler than that?!

But yes, we’d like to point out again that although this is a visually outstanding mount, this bird doesn’t fly. Still, it is very much a wonderful purchase for any mount collector! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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"So, considering the Voidtalon of the Dark Star cannot fly, where does his price come from?" — you might ask. Well, you see, it’s still a very rare and hard to get mount, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been present on our listing.

Experienced collectors might notice that his model isn’t exactly unique, as it is shared by raptors (at least the skeleton and animations), while Flametalon of Alysrazor is its recolor (or vice versa). But have you seen coloring as bodacious as on this one? We bet you didn’t!

The only thing that can probably come close is a mount that you get from the Corrupted Egg of Milagazor in Firelands, but it is no good for ground use due to its goofy walk.

Be warned, that if you decide to buy Voidtalon of the Dark Star boosting service, that it might take a while to carry out! As with all rare mounts, there’s a catch that makes it problematic to obtain.

In this case, it’s because instead of having just one fixed zone to spawn, this thing can pop almost anywhere in Draenor! And yes, if you haven’t unlocked flying there, then you’d definitely would want to use our service to save you the trouble of searching for it using ground movement.

At least you can rest easy knowing that the Darktalon of the Void Star will remain for sale as long as you need it. It’s quite cheap for what’s its worth for any avid World of Warcraft mount collector! To make the best of the cost you’re paying, be sure to utilize account-sharing option so that our sellers can carry out this boosting as quickly and efficiently as possible without the need for you to constantly remain online.

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