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Buying Vicious Saddle from us

Looking to get yourself a WoW Vicious Saddle Boost? Then you’re right where you should be!

Our sellers will lay waste to your enemies upon arenas and battlegrounds to get what you require! Keep in mind that because of the recent changes to how Vicious Saddle is now rewarded, you may need to purchase this service twice.

No, we’re trying to fool or coerce you. With the new system, the first time you fill up that PvP bar, you will be awarded the current seasonal mount first. But upon each consecutive fill-up, you will get a Vicious Saddle. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for EU and US.

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Service description

Ok, let’s go through it again, because Blizzard sure doesn’t like to keep things simple... It is no longer possible to directly buy a vicious saddle mount, no matter the price, because the first seasonal reward is now always this season’s specific mount!

You can check this information yourself by opening your in-game UI. After you have earned this mount, the game will start awarding you for each consecutive fill-up of your PvP bar. Probably only the Old Gods know why such a convoluted system has been put up in place of the previous one.

In case you’re actually curious about the math of this process, here’s the gist of it: each mount requires a total of 2400 points. 2v2 wins produce 10 points (033% of the gauge), 3v3 wins get you 30 points (1% of the gauge) and RBG wins grant you a whopping 60 points (2% of the total gauge). Oh and it’s only possible while you remain at or above 1400 rating!

So yes, if you haven’t yet filled your PvP bar this season, you will have to purchase this service from our sale twice. Yes, Blizzard is certainly not making this cheap for ya. But if you already got some palpable progress in there — you might bargain with the seller crews and cut that cost down a notch.

Also, this change technically allows you to obtain all mounts from the previous expansion listing (you cannot obtain Vicious War Riverbeast / Clefthoof with it until the beginning of the next expansion) in just one go by ordering enough boosting runs! Just make sure you’ve got the right amount.

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