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Have you ever seen a majestic golden drake, circling the mountains of Storm Peaks in Northrend? Do you know that it drops one of rarest mounts in the game? No? Then get our Time-Lost Proto-Drake boost and find out for yourself!

We assume that his name alludes to the number of time people would usually spend trying to get him because you know how rarely does this guy spawn? Once a week. Yup.

Normally you would need a whole network of people to confirm that he’s dead, but why go through all this trouble if you can buy Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount right here on our market? BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

Time-Lost Proto-Drake can easily be attributed the title of the "grand-dad" of all rare mounts in World of Warcraft. Unlike the raid bosses who can easily be beaten once a week to have a go at their mounts, but this guy?

Hoo-boy! You’ll be lucky if you manage to see him once in a blue moon! Yes, after even so many years have passed since Wrath of the Lich King, this guy is still devilishly rare!

And the main reason the price for Time-Lost Proto-Drake would never actually go down is because it’s still ridiculously hard to pin down when he’s going to spawn and which route he’s going to use! Not to mention that the competition is still fierce, this is an online game after all!

So yeah, if you’re planning to purchase this particular boosting order, then be advised that this one might take the longest time to fulfill compared to anything else we’ve got on our listing, but it is quite cheap! Time-Lost Proto-Drake will always remain for sale when you need it.

Even though this mount isn’t exactly new, it will surely draw attention and make other WoW players green with envy because you have such a prize in your collection. Make sure to use the best of account-sharing option, because hunting this guy will certainly take a while!

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