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Have you ever wanted to travel Azeroth in style like nobody else? Then grab yourself a Ratstallion mount! What, never heard of that thing?

Where have you been for the largest part of Legion? No, seriously, ratstallion is one of those WoW mounts worthy of its price! And yes, it is a giant sewer rat. In fact, this has to be the most glorious rat you’ve ever seen in all of Azeroth and beyond! Do you think we’re hyping it up a bit much? Well, then we think that it’s a rare and cheap mount that earned your attention!

Go on and have a closer look! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

We can’t stop praising Legion even if we wanted to. It has rightfully earned its title as ‘The best World of Warcraft expansion‘, becoming a classic instantaneously upon its release. This mount is yet another legacy left from those glorious days.

Sure, once the Pathfinder achievement becomes finally available, this mount will fade into obscurity for a time, but nevertheless, he’s a worthy trophy to be added to your collection that you can proudly pop out when the game will once again glue players to the ground. Be sure to grab your Ratstallion boost before that happens, as its cost will undoubtedly spike up!

You might wonder — ’So they’ve critiqued a flying head, but promote a giant rat? WTF?" Yes, we do! Because at the very least this thing has a great model and looks pleasant to the eyes despite the fact that it’s an extra-behemoth sized rat!

Also, its best feature is probably that if you purchase a Ratstallion carry boosting — you’ll get your mount within days! Guaranteed! Or possibly even less! Unlike most other mounts from our product listing, we can promise that this fella is going to be delivered to you extremely fast! So don’t think twice and order your very own amazing Ratstallion mount today!

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