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Buying Stone Drake from us

This is what happens when someone becomes infatuated with an idea of rare mounts. You want this one in your collection without much issue? Then go ahead and grab our Phosphorescent Stone Drake boost! Just like with the proto-drakes, stone drakes come in wild variety of flavors... err... colors!

And this one is by far the rarest one of all. Too bad collecting all of the different stone drakes won’t turn them into something like Thanos’ infinity glove, but should certainly boost your sense of superiority and style! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

If we’re being brutally honest, this guy is a poor man’s version of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. No, if you like those stone drakes — it’s perfectly fine! It’s just that we think that he isn’t as vibrant or eye-catching as the other guy.

Seriously, the while the deep purple hue of his crystals does make him unique and cool, he’s 80% made of the same deep gray stone the rest of his cousins are, making him quite forgettable because of that. The price of Phosphorescent Stone Drake ain’t cheap for mostly the same reasons: it’s a rare spawn which is usually being camped by dozen of players constantly online at various periods of time, making acquiring it quite the challenge.

This is certainly an order better left for people looking to stash as many mounts as they can for Lord of the Reins achievement or something of the like. Be sure to check out our World of Warcraft product listing for more exciting and visually amazing mounts which will help you stand out and entertain the crowd! Don’t worry, Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount will always remain for sale and you can buy it whenever you need to.

To get the most out of your purchase for that cost, be sure to utilize account-sharing option so that our sellers can farm this guy while you’re away. Trust us, he’s quite a nuisance, so you’d better do everything to help our sellers succeed with this boosting task as swiftly as possible.

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