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Would you like to get head? No, like, literally! We’re offering you to buy Mimiron’s head! The first ‘limited, but not-actually-limited‘ raid boss mount from Ulduar!

Even back then this mount was an amusing split between ’awesome" and ‘repulsive’. Depends on who you ask, really. While mecha-theme behind this mount might not appeal for everyone, it’s futile to deny that this is one of the more unique mounts available in the game, with spectacular animations and a quirky theme.

Go ahead, order Mimiron’s head boost and get your personal roflcopter today! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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As is the case with most old raid mounts, we feel it’s necessary to point out that while boosting itself isn’t hard, the price of Mimiron’s head comes from how long it takes to have a chance at obtaining it. Unlike with, say, Hellfire Citadel, you can’t just come in, teleport to the upper floor, kill 2 bosses and call it a day.

No, each Ulduar run needs to be done in full: from storming the gates of an eldritch prison, to freeing its custodians, otherwise, you won’t be able to get far ahead. Funny how something that Blizzard manage to come up with (in this case the 100% drop chance being reduced to 1% after a while) actually works as intended.

If you wish to get the most of the cost you’re paying to get it — be sure to schedule your runs while you’re offline by taking advantage of our account-sharing option! There’s no actual reason why you need to be present personally during each dungeon run.

The whole reason for you to purchase a Mimiron’s head carry service would be to make the process of farming it much more convenient. Sure it doesn’t come cheap, but you’re free to browse what other World of Warcraft mounts we’ve got on our listing that might interest ya! This one though, unlike most of them, comes with a Feat of Strength to match its rarity!

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