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Look! A spider! And it isn’t like that creepy Bloodfang Widow mount! Seriously, the Mechagon Peacekeeper is an absolute must buy for every mount collector! This thing is ridiculously dope that it even transforms into a small swimming apparatus when submerged! We’re not pulling your leg here! Go check it out somewhere on WoWhead just to see how ridiculously cool that thing is! Interested? Great! Then go ahead, post your order and get yourself a Mechagon Peacekeeper carry crew to claim one for yourself. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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Was it too much hype? Well, maybe. But honestly, it’s not every day that you see a cool new gnomish mount that even puts others to shame! It’s absolutely true that over time mounts in World of Warcraft keep becoming better by getting marvelous models or cool animations, but this one simply blows all other competition away just because of its ability to transform on the go. And it’s not a TCG or a shop mount, everyone can get it from the Mechagon dungeon! This won’t be easy, but Mechagon Peacekeeper is totally worth its price, we can guarantee you that!

If you decide to get yourself a Mechagon Peacekeeper mount boost — you might want to look into account sharing option. Why? Because in Battle for Azeroth dungeon mounts can be acquired from the Mythic+ difficulty too. The drop rate is probably higher than 1%, but unless you’re certain that Lady Luck is on your side, we suggest you choose and just let our guys do the job. Seriously, why wait a whole week for a reset for a regular mythic if you can spam it? You might have to negotiate the cost, but daym this thing just looks rad! But it would be fair to point out that for this option to work — you would have to wait for the release of M+ mode for Mechagon first.

If you were to ask us, we think that the overall design of this new mount looks somewhat like Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell series. But, you probably don’t care about that, do you? You came here to purchase a magnificent mount and we’re happy to deliver, as always! Don’t cheap out and order your boosting service for the Mechagon Peacekeeper mount today! Be sure to check our product listing for the 2nd mount from that dungeon!

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