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Oh, looking to buy yourself a WoW Lucid Nightmare mount, are you? Why not purchase one from BoostBay? Our sellers will gladly carry out your Lucid Nightmare boost within hours after completing confirming the purchase! Keep in mind though, that unlike most other options available on our listing, this one doesn’t fly!

You can confirm this information in-game. But it doesn’t change that it looks absolutely bombastic and will become relevant once players will again lose their ability to fly in the upcoming expansion. Hop on your edgy unicorn and ride in style together with BoostBay! Service available for both EU and US.

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If you feel somehow alienated by the price of Lucid Nightmare found on other online shops and marketplaces, then you are to be relieved knowing that our sellers do it cheap. Not by much, true, but cheap nonetheless. "It doesn’t fly and it doesn’t award any achievement! Why does it cost that much?!" — we can hear you protest.

You’re partially right, because getting it in Battle for Azeroth or at any later point would be times more easier than it used to be back in Legion, when people would camp spots and gank seekers or break interactive world elements with an insurmountable amount of failed attempts.

But it still involves a considerable amount of time and effort from our crews to deliver it as quickly as possible. Not to mention that this is one of those rare cases when you’re 100% guaranteed to get what you want on a first attempt.

But, if we’re being perfectly honest, this guy doesn’t look too hot to us. It’s basically an unarmored courser mount with a slightly different color palette, so... unless you’re an avid mount collector, we definitely do not recommend making this order.

But make sure to check out our other products! We’re absolutely positive that we’ve got something better that will catch your attention. If not, you can always return and find your Lucid Nightmare for sale because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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