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Buying LK's Mount from us

Does BoostBay feature an Invincible WoW mount for sale? You bet we do! When talking about raid boss mounts, none is probably as widely known as this undead horse. You don’t even have to be an avid video game player and even you would’ve probably heard about it!

Does it stand the test of time? You bet it does! Even nearly 10 years later, this mount is still as badass as the first-day guys from Paragon managed to loot it! Order this boost today and add this legend to your mount collection! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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Now, let’s get something out of the way first. Yes, this is an old raid mount, which means that it’s more than possible to blaze through the dungeon up to the Lich King and beat him solo.

At the current max level, you can probably manage to do that with a naked character. "So where does the price of Invincible mount come from? He ain’t cheap!" — you might ask. Well, see, the problem with such mounts is that they’re absolutely chance based. For the cost you’re paying, your seller provides you with additional opportunity to loot it by supplying you with people who each have a chance to obtain it even if they already have it.

In either case, you’re are the one who will get this mount should Arthas finally decide to drop it. Legacy loot option? Yeah, that works too. But since there’s no optimal way to guarantee the delivery time of these specific mounts (ones from the old raid) — sellers would take every chance they have to please you, even going as far as trying to loot it with 20 players making an individual roll using the personal loot system.

So, if you purchase this order — we urge you to remain patient as our professionals will do everything they can to make sure your boosting would go smoothly. Considering how long the Invincible has remained in WoW, this boost isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Oh, and this mount comes with a Feat of Strength achievement to commemorate the moment of you earning it!

Be sure to check our listing of World of Warcraft mounts for orders with instant delivery!

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