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Would like to own a cool pterodactyl mount?! Then Dazar’alor Windreaver boost is exactly what you’re looking for! Sure, there are several other options available for you in the game, but this is a rare case when a pterodactyl is obtainable by members of the Alliance!

Go on and show off the full might of your dino-might with this extraordinary mount! And you know what’s best? It comes with a complete "Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider" achievement to boot! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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Bothered by the price of Dazar’alor Windreaver? Small wonder! This is an achievement mount after all! Sure, pterodactyl mounts have existed in World of Warcraft ever since Mists of Pandaria, but none of them were as regal and epic as this one!

Hey, now that we think about it... the troll fleet assaulting the Throne of Thunder belonged to the very same Zandalari that the Horde has allied with! In any case, the Throne of Thunder and its events are as good as ancient history at this point.

As we’ve already said, you’re more likely to buy a Dazaralor Windreaver mount if you’re an Alliance player, because most other pterodactyl mounts are restricted to Horde players! Oh, wait, you’re saying that they’re not a new mount and we’re mistaking them with the pterrodax? Pterrordactyl? Skyscreamers..?

You know, we don’t keep a pet ornithologist around here, but we can say for sure there wasn’t another one available since ToT (for Alliance that is).

We really doubt that the cost of this boosting will go down over time. Orders like this in our product listing (raid boosts) would always involve a group to assist you. Not because of the difficulty, but because certain achievements either directly require you to have at least 10 party members in your group to count (like ‘Only the penitent...‘ or ’Show me your moves!") or have a high risk of glitching the fight or simply breaking without specific people fulfilling those actions. Rest assured though, Dazar’alor Windreaver will always remain for sale! Cheap and ready whenever you need it.

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