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So, you’re looking to buy an Azshari Bloatray? That’s great! But catching these rays won’t be as easy as simply basking in the sun. Like certain other mounts found on our listing, this one is a raid mount! But, thankfully, it is earned through achievements! If you wish to stand out from the crowd - then grab our Azshari Bloatray boost and show off that mount! And what’s best - it flies, it moves on the ground AND it swims! It will carry you anywhere you want! Get this new catch of the day right here! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Now, first of all, it’s Azshari Bloatray, not Azshari Bloat Ray! Bloat ray is some sort of a beam weapon and the other is a fish. Well, even calling it a “fish” would be a stretch because as World of Warcraft has fondly demonstrated us times and times again, all rays are perfectly capable of traversing air, sand, skies and even nether itself! This one right here comes in a sunny yellow color, sweet and wonderful as a sea lemon.

If you wonder where does the Azshari Bloatray price comes from, then have a look at your achievement tab - it’s a raid mount earned through Glory of the Eternal Raider meta-achievement. So, if you find the cost of boosting too much - you can easily wait a few weeks till it comes down and you’ll finally be able to get it cheap. But, there’s no guarantee how long it might take and if the drop would be a significant one or not. Not to mention, that considering this would include also boosting you through The Eternal Palace itself (to get all the necessary achievements) - then the price probably won’t drop until the end of Battle for Azeroth, or at least the next major content update.

Still, if you’re looking to add something spicy to your mount collection and you’re not bothered by the cost or fishy smell - then this fishy is definitely worth getting! Go ahead and place your purchase order right now!

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