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Looking to buy Aerial Unit R-21/X? Small wonder! It seems that 8.2 is ripe with amazing looking mounts! You can argue all you want that it looks a bit too sci-fi and immersion-breaking, but you have to admit that that is one cool-looking contraption! The goblins would absolutely have to make up with something for it because the gnomes are obviously taking over in popularity right now!

Just like with the other mount from Mechagon, be sure to place your order as soon as possible, as the line for the Aerial Unit R-21/x mount boost would be enough to belt Azeroth several times over!

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Service description

Would you look at that! Yet another amazing mount that is found in the Mechgon dungeon. It’s probably not as amazing as the mechanical spider mount, but it’s got a unique look and outstanding effect to become a favorite for many people. We can’t help but notice how the industrial stuff we’ve seen appearing since the beginning of Battle for Azeroth is constantly at odds with the fantasy nature of World of Warcraft, but... who cares, that thing looks absolutely amazing! The price for Aerial Unit R-21/X isn’t cheap, but it would without a doubt go down in the weeks following the release of the patch. The cost would sink even further once the Mythic+ mode becomes available along with the boosting option for it. This would make it much easier to farm this mount, as you will be able to attempt to loot it more than once a week without the lockout.

So, what are you waiting for? Ever wanted to have something akin to an actual flying saucer in your mount collection? Then this is your chance! And to be fair, this isn’t even the strangest looking gnomish mount we’ve seen so far. Just search for Mimiron’s Head if you haven’t seen it! But this one definitely takes the cake in terms of style and presentation. If you need a new mount to fly in with an absolutely spectacular style — then we strongly recommend you purchase a carry run for your personal Aerial Unit R-21/X today!

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